"It was a unique experience, even though it was only forone day. I still remember the moment with great pride"

An account by Gian Gaetano Ronca (I)

"I read about this initiative in the "Qui Touring" magazine: good for you! I also wanted to tell you that a large number of coaches full of university students came down to Florence from Bologna, many of them from the faculty of engineering, which was where I was studying at the time.

We were all given vaccinations against typhoid before our departure. It was a unique experience, even though it was only for one day. In the morning I was sent to remove the books from the mud, which was full of dead rats, in the cellars of the National Library. Then, in the afternoon, I worked on cleaning page after page of the books, placing a sheet of absorbent paper between each one.

That was all, but I still remember that moment with great pride, as well as the feeling of solidarity that had taken us there!!"


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