"All I could think about was those who lived below streetlevel"

An account by Sherry Peregrin (USA)

II was a student at the time of the floor and was living on Borgo SS Apostoli 44, one block from the Arno and one block from Por Santa Maria. I remember
the sound of the water rushing just below my window sill. I was stuck in the apartment for two days.

I met everyone in the building in those two days; people I had previously not bothered to say anything more than good morning. Decidedly the most horrendous thing I remember was the first day we could leave the apartment after the water subsided. We were attempting to walk in the street with mud nearly up to my knees. It occured to me how many people in Florence lived underground and never realized what hit them.

We the ones left to collect the pieces of our lives had infact been spared and were still alive. Much of the focus centered around the art and the restoration of the art. All I could think about was those who lived below street level.

I could never find anyone to talk with who survived and had been living sotto terra.
I am returning in January for the first time in years to visit Florence. I happen to have a scrap book of stories from newspapers and magazines if you would like me to bring it. I love the web site.


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