Seven years after the end of the Gulf War, which brought to the liberation of a country invaded and sacked by an Iraqi regime despiser either of the international rules and of the sovereignty of States, we want to remember some of te consequences of that invasion - the fire of the Kuwaitian oil wells - which caused very severe environmental damages, not yet fully reabsorbed.

These pictures of that real apocalypse, which we are going to present just in this period, when the risk of a new military intervention in the Gulf seems to be luckily averted, want to be an admonition against the terrible risk caused by the use of force and again those having no respect either for the human life and for the environment where we live.

Kuwait want to live peacefully, in freedom and security. It is a rightful desire, for which a very high price was paid. It is a wish to which all peoples and States ought to aspire. Never more invasions, never more violences, never more wars. This is warning and the hope we want to propose even to-day.

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