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The Arno river

The rising floodwaters
The beginning of the tragedy
Ponte Vecchio at risk
The floodwaters fill Piazza Duomo

An estimate of all the damage

Piazza Santa Croce after the disaster
All that is left of Ponte Vecchio
Ghost city. Florence by night after the flood.
The roads
Getting potable water from the Nettuno's fountain in Piazza Signoria

The people

Rescue operations
Water being distributed
Emergency rations
Barber shop. People try to save what they can
The bookshop
Marquis Emilio Pucci in his atelier after the flood
A surprise left cy the flood
Life goes on. Candle lit market stall


Improvised hospital for the elderly
Emergency care in a van
Emergency care at home

The "Mud angels"

The first assistance from the army
Rescuing the works of art
Rest for the skin divers
In the mud
Saving the books
The books from the Laurentian Library
The books from the National Library
A moment of rest
The solidarity of the German Red Cross

Solidarity from the world of politics in Italy and abroad

Senator Ted Kennedy from the USA with the Mayor of Florence Piero Bargellini
Ted Kennedy with the "Mud angels"
Hon. Aldo Moro
Marquis Emilio Pucci, who suffered damage in the flood, with the President of the Republic Giuseppe Saragat

Some of the more serious damage

The Door of Paradise by Ghiberti in the Baptistery
Prof Baldini msamines the flood damaged Crucifix by Cimabue
Some of the antique books and sculptures, the heart of Florentine art, that were seriously damaged by the flood

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