Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm

Hyemeyohsts Storm, also known as A.C. Storm, was born in 1933 to Pearl Eastman of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe in Montana. His mother was one of the people of the first generation of Indians born into captivity on Reservations. Hyemeyohsts is the first generation of Indians born to these Reservation Indians. Storm, like so many of his contemporaries experienced a transition from Indian to modern -- however, this was not a seamless bond between the old and new. A professor of history once described Hyemeyohsts as being the most famous of Cheyennes, known to the world at large, since Dull Knife, Little Wolf and Morning Star. Mr. Storms books: Seven Arrows, The Song of Heyoehkah and Lightningbolt have been described as being classics. He wrote another work in Germany titled: Mentor and the Magical Circle -- which will be soon printed in English.

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Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm

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