Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm

I was born and raised on the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Reservations of Montana. I am an enrolled Indian, and I am a Breed.

My first book, SEVEN ARROWS, introduced the Medicine Wheels to the world, for the first time. It also revealed, to our modern world what the Indian wars were like from the Indian and Breed perspective. After SEVEN ARROWS was published, I traveled extensively, lectured, and was a guest teacher at a few Universities in the United States and Germany.

Beginning in my youth, I had the greatest fortune to become the apprentice of the brilliant and powerful Zero Chief, and Holy Woman, Estcheemah. She was a Mayan Breed Indian who was born during the bloody and sorrowful Indian Wars of the late 1800's. She was one of the wisest and most powerful Medicine Chiefs of her time, and a Carrier and teacher of the Medicine Wheels. She taught of the histories and sophisticated knowledge of the Zero Chiefs.

It has taken me over twenty years to prepare myself and discover how to share with the world - - - the story of my most precious teacher, Estcheemah, and the ancient Self Discipline she taught. I needed time to mature, to contemplate the true face of Greatness that Estcheemah revealed to me.

For over a decade I have traveled extensively with my partner in writing and medicine, my wife, Swan Storm (Stephanie Leonard-Storm). She has also devoted many years of her life, supporting and contributing much to this endeavor.

I am the Founder and Director of the Spiritual organization - The Circle of the Earth Temple and Institute, and the Founder and Director of the International School of Metis Art. I am an artist and teacher, as well as a writer. Many of my students are selling their work throughout the United States and Europe. They make exquisite art.

I tell all of my students to strive to treasure our LivingLightingbolt Earth and look to Her for the symbols and meaning in their Art. Consequently, all of our art is, in some way, an honoring of our Living Planet and also a celebration of the many diverse cultures and peoples, throughout human history, who have loved and cherished our Mother Earth. Our Art is dedicated to the Beauty and Natural Balance of Mother Life.

In this way we have found our common ground, our Earth heritage, which bridges across race, gender, culture, religion, and all other human invented boundaries. The responsibility and care of our Earth is in our hands, as Earth Citizens.

No one had ever written about the Medicine Wheels before SEVEN ARROWS. Yes, there have been a lot of look-alike Hyemeyohsts Storms out. Some of them have had visions of Medicine Wheels since my work was published in 1972 -- and most of the look alikes have had a lot more to say about Medicine Wheels than I have. Actually my books: SEVEN ARROWS, THE SONG OF HEYOEHKAH and now LIGHTNINGBOLT are simple and very direct in what they have to tell about Life and my learning.

Meeting Our Earth

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