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Itinerary among the world's faces
200 portraits by Oliviero Toscani

by Fiammetta Magnanensi

Oliviero Toscani is back. In an exhibition set up by United Colors of Benetton covering around 2,000 square metres at Stazione Leopolda in Florence, the photographer and great communicator displays his portraits of the world.

Oliviero Toscani's exhibition

His is the umpteenth provocation. Two hundred stares each three metres tall, of young people who observe those who venture into the labyrinth with static curiosity. A journey through the nations of the world and above all among those who'll be 20 years old in the year 2000; a journey amongst those who represent the Future and who question us on what we will leave them.

Toscani shows us his cosmopolitan vision of the world, the races of our planet, the image of a united world removed from racial, cultural or religious problems. He shows us a humanity that doesn't need a passport because it knows no boundaries. He shows us the Future heading towards a multicultural, multiracial society.

Observing the two hundred expressions which make up the exhibition is like taking a symbolical and metaphorical journey through the Planet of the third millennium - a hope which Toscani communicates with energetic confidence.

From 26th June to 31st July 1997
Free entrance
Stazione Leopolda, Florence

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