Castellina in Chianti

how to arrive there

By car, one follows the state road 222 that crosses the whole of Chianti, or else leaving the Firenze-Siena motorway at north Poggibonsi one takes the state road 429.

It's also possible to get to Castellina by bicycle. The advised route is quite strenuous and requires a little training. Leaving Florence one takes state road 2 (Cassia) until one reaches the locality of Falciani where one takes a left towards Greve and after 15 kilometres one turns right onto state road 222 which one follows all the way to Castellina.

The route as far as Greve is more or less flat. One comes across the first ascent on the way to Panzano (6 km) and after a stretch of downhill road one reaches the toughest part - the 578 metre uphill haul to Castellina. The route amounts to about 53 k.m and for whoever still fancies cycling a little more Siena is only 20 k.m away.


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