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by Ruth Schmid
Music and movement paedagogist

Exercise n°1 "Crossover movements"

First of all we will carry out the crossover movements which help to integrate the two hemispheres of the brain. Carry out on the spot walking movements, touching your knee with your opposite hand or elbow. This means that the middle line of the body is crossed over so that the two hemispheres of the brain will automatically work together and you are able to face up to any new kind of challenge. If you wish, you can vary the movements but must always move your leg in conjunction with your opposite arm.

drawing by Filippo Mazzoli

Exercise n°2
"Cerebral buttons"

Cerebral buttons are points that can be found low down to the left and right of the collarbones. Massage them with one hand while touching your tummy button with the other. This massage will help you to see, read and perceive more clearly. It is an awakening movement and removes all mental tiredness.

drawing by Filippo Mazzoli

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