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The images are courtesy of the
CNR's (National Research Council)
Autotrophic Microorganisms Research Centre,
photographed through a light microscope by
Dr. Claudio Sili.

This small photographic exhibition shows the suggestive images of some of the microalgae present in the river Arno during the summer season. Let's observe them for what they are in all their beauty as living organisms.   The danger they represent is due exclusively to the fact that human activities have created an imbalance thus rendering the river unhealthy.   What we can see in the images is the morphological aspect of some algae studied in the Florentine stretch of the river at Isolotto.

Anabaena sp.
Cenosi algale
Cenosi cianobatterica
Cymbella sp.
Golenkinia sp.
Gonium sp.
Micractinium sp.
Nostoc sp.
Oscillatoria sp. (1)
Oscillatoria sp. (2)
Oscillatoria sp. (3)
Pediastrum sp. (1)
Pediastrum sp. (2)
Pediastrum sp. (3)
Pediastrum sp. (4)
Phormidium sp
Scenedesmus sp.(1)
Scenedesmus sp.(2)
Spyrogira sp

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Dr. Claudio Sili
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(National Research Council)


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