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Refugees from Kosovo


A gallery with 80 photographs about
the refugees in Albania
(in Italian)

The Flood
Thirthy Years Later

The flood of 1966 and the
stories send to us by
the "Angels of the Mud"
-Photographs of an
African country
"The Shadows of Volterra" a short photographic journey to the ancient Etruscan town
-Piergiorgio Branzi
a collection of an Italian famous photojournalist
Do not forget
Images of the
environmental desaster
of 1991
History of Photography Documentary
in the United
-Jacob Riis
-Lewis Hine
-Farm Security Administration
-Walker Evans
-Dorothea Lange
-Ben Shahn and
Arthur Rothstein
-Magnum Photos
The Exhibitions
-Josef Koudelka
-Koudelka's Biography
-Photography in postcards-"Medicine and anatomy in the collection of the University Florence and in the photographs from the Alinari brothers' archives"
  The Interviews
-Cesare Colombo

-Piergiorgio Branzi
-Gerd Sander photographer and cultural heir of August Sander

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