City Networks
Against the Greenhouse Effect

Branching out throughout Europe and North America are networks of cities which are co-operating to render the lifestyles of their citizens economically and environmentally tolerable. The principal organisations are:

International Council for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI): Which has produced a manual to assist the implementation of Agenda XXI at a local level. It maintains a data bank on ecological themes. It co-ordinated the Urban CO2 Reduction Project, the aim of which is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Twelve European and North American cities participated in this project. The Council headquarters are in Canada (Tel: 001.416.3921462).

Eurocities: Involving 65 cities in 20 countries. It promotes co-operation, the identification of practical measures to be taken, and the participation of urban centres in the decision-making processes of the European Community. Headquarters in Belgium (Tel:

Car Free Cities Club: Connected to Eurocities, about 40 European cities, both Eastern and Western, are members. The objectives are the study of the environmental and economic cost of traffic, as well as an interchange of experience regarding experiments to reduce the pressure of city traffic.

Energie-Cités: Specialised in the organisation of energy, its aims are the valorisation of renewable energy and local resources, and the study of the energy budgets of municipal structures. Based in France (Tel: 00.38.81615050).

Ecomed: The objective is the promotion of environmental-friendly detoxification techniques within the Mediterranean basin. Based in Italy
(Tel: 06.5783564).

Città Sane (Healthy Cities):
A project launched by the W.H.O. to promote policies favourable to health and the environment. Based in Denmark (Tel: 00.45.39171717).

Ecowatt: This is a network of cities and districts concerned with the preservation of water resources, and the use of renewable resources for the supply of water. Based in Spain (Tel: 00.34.22605729).

From "Italian City Councils against the Greenhouse Effect" - Italian Environment, Legambiente, Ministry for the Environment Silvia Zamboni (Nuova Ecologia)
In collaboration with
Ecosportello per il Risparmio Energetico e la Bioarchitettura
Valle d'Aosta Region, Italy

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