The Magic Dragon

by Rocky C. Storm

Imagine if you will a magical dragon. So magic is she-he that this dragon encompasses both sexes at once. Yes she-he is both female and male simultaneously, and so when meeting another of these magnificent dragons they make love both inseminating and ovulating at the same time.

After this wonderful act the two leave one another and cast perfect rings of dragon eggs that harden and can lay for literally millennia until the conditions are right for their birth. Imagine that even if this is the last dragon on Earth that she-he is so important as to be given the power to fertilize itself.

This dragon is deathless and under the right conditions could live forever! Yet, blooms with the plants in sync. with their season. The dragon does not sit upon a heap of gold, conversely everything that she-he touches is enriched one hundred fold. Fore this dragon can eat anything and everything! Glass, stone, vegetable or animal matter, all is food, and yet she-he has no teeth.

She-he grinds all together in her great transformer passing out pellets of micro-organism rich castings that are water resistant and wait for the fine white root hairs to unlock their magical treasure. Each day this most magical of dragons transforms it’s own weight into treasure.

This dragon walks without legs. No wings has she-he. This dragon can swim through the Earth! She-he needs no lungs because her design is so perfect that she absorbs her oxygen through her skin. She-he makes perfect roads through the soil while journeying.

These roads are also water resistant and they become the paths that the plants use for their roots to venture toward the center of the Earth. The roads that the rain uses to moisten the deep soils. And the roads for the gasses to vent out from the Earth, becoming clouds and venturing on to cleanse our Mother Earth.

Perhaps you know this Dragon? This dragon is called Earth Worm! The worm is thought by scientists to be one of the finest examples of the evolution of specialized micro-organisms coming together to make a creature that was greater than the sum of it’s parts. This was one of the beginning steps in the creation of complex organisms such as humans!

The worm is both sexes at once and when mating is both fertilized and fertilizer. The ring that you might have noticed is their sexual organs and from there they cast a ring shaped circlet of eggs. These eggs are thought to be able to last indefinitely until the conditions are right for their birth. If the worm cannot locate a mate, they can fertilize themselves!

The worm has no lungs but breaths oxygen by absorption through the entire body. They can digest all things. The stones become their “gizzard” and the organic and inorganic alike are ground into fine castings that are made completely pH neutral by calciferous glands. These castings are five times as rich in available nitrogen, seven times as rich in available phosphates, and eleven times as rich in potash.

They make a perfect
organic fertilizer. These castings are water resistant and yet are completely accessible to plant roots. The tunnels too, that the worms leave, are water resistant and both aerate and percolate the soil. Depending on the worm, the castings are either left in these tunnels or deposited on the surface of the soil. The worm transforms its body weight in food per day.
Earth worms studied in captivity have shown absolutely no signs of oxidation.

This complete lack of aging has lead scientists to believe that under ideal conditions an earth worm could live forever!
Now for those of you who have thought that when cut in two the earth worm becomes two worms, think again!

Though they cannot perform this miracle, they are able to regenerate one half of themselves, just so that the front (the shorter darker part from the “band” forward) is not damaged. (The other half will go on living for several days. This is accomplished by it’s ability to breathe through absorption.

However, owing to the fact that it has no digestive system it will eventual starve.)
And last but not least, for those of you who doubt my dragon analogy...

The earth worm is one of the most ancient of the terrestrial animal groups at least several hundred million years old! They come in various colors, including, brown, purple, red, pink blue, green, and tan. The largest of the lumbicus family can grow up to ten feet, though there have been reports of larger worms, and the smallest is under an inch!

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