The Holy Tree of Life
by Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm

A woman wrote to me by email asking about the Sacred Tree. I knew that she was asking about Challenge, Experiencing, Feeling and the Sacred Energy of Life.
So I have these "answers" -- not as we would put one foot in front of the other, but by Dancing with Life. So I will tell you -- as Estcheemah told me -- and as our many Chiefs told them: I too wondered, I wondered, when I was a child, how it would be -- when I would meet one of the "GreatPerson"(s) -- known as the Holy Tree to my Tribes. I asked, myself, what I would do or say -- or how I would present my thoughts to the Holy Being, the "GreatPerson" when my Shadow would join theirs.

Yet, no matter how I thought about it -- no answers came to me. Old Grandmother Yellowtail, my mother, Pearl -- Estcheemah, Medicine Bull Falls Down, Rivers and Blue Hair -- told me to "just sit down with them. These-those-Trees are powerful Medicines, they are our Herbal People. It was these GreatPersons who decided for us At the Beginning of Time. -- they were the Ones who prayed we would exist. They asked WahKahn and SSKwan to be the Keepers of we Humanbeings -- here with Sacred Mother and Father Earth". The Sacred Tree is thought to be both Female and Male.

They are called the Twins. So when the word "you" is used it is meant to be plural -- She and He. All Plants are these powerful "GreatPerson"(s). We Dance to these Medicine Beings, we pray so that they will know of our Honoring of Sacred Life. I reach out to you while I am waiting within my swift moving moments -- it is the Way of the People to do this as we Dance to you. I reach out to you as you reach out to everything Sacred we Know as Mother Life. I reach out within my Mind and Heart so that I can truly say that I cherish my Life Experience with you -- Sacred Ones. I reach out to you Plants and Trees of the "GreatPerson", to allow me within your ever present Circle of Shadow and Light.

I reach out to know that we are learning to Respect and Honor your Life in that you were the first to Honor Sacred WahKawn and SSKawn. I reach out to seek your Healing when we are needing everything. We seek your bones while we need warmth and our lodges.
I reach out as you feed us, Sacred Trees, you gave us our understanding of Mathematics while we hungered for Knowing. I reach out to the Forest Circle called Beauty. I reach out before all of you in that we recognize that you are our Great Healers and ancient Ones. I reach out to your Time and Existence, because we have need of your bones for the making of our Medicine Lodges. I reach out to your Presence and Circle, within your embrace of we Humans.

"Olivier Millenaire" Thousand Years Old Olive Tree in Roquebrune, France - (Photo Blue Planet©)

Our Ancestors reached out to us, they gave us your Medicines for our prayers. We bring you this Healing -- this Tobacco for your comfort, food, Love and for your Healing. We have been taught to reach out and to ask you to Dance with us -- because we have learned the Give - Away from you. You bow to us in the Wind and we bow our heads to you. You have reached out to us so that we can recognize what you have taught to us -- about our Care for our Mother and Father Earth. We reach out as the wings of the wind reaches out with every kind of ribbon. We bring you our Prayer ribbons for your young ones -- and for the Celebration of their Lives.

Creation reaches out to us in the quiet rhythm of time. We see this in our camp fires and in the face of our Mother and Father Sun. Time is reaching out with us when we cry with laughter or sorrow -- when we win and when we lose -- we close our eyes -- accepting your Give-Away.
We reach out with this moment of Graciousness which we have named Beauty and the Sacred Medicine Wheel..
We reach out to you with all these considerations and words.

We reach out to those of you called Herbal Medicines -- your fragile stalks. We are not humbled because we know your fragrance and your Healing. We reach out to you to describe our world to you. We have described our lives in cities and yet these do not describe us. Yes, these are words to reach out to you, Sacred Tree, Sacred Twins of Life. As each of us approach our time of completion -- the work we have done is scrutinized by us and others; yet, who is it that really knows of our deepest efforts if it is not Life? Wasn't it Sacred Mother and Father Life who gave you to us? So look upon my work as I Dance here with you.

This is the Red Talk, reflected in Blue by the Skies of Turning, joining with Rains -- the Talk of Moving Thunders. This is the Red Paths, reflected in the Greens and Turquoise pools that surround our Actions -- this Holy Water that we Are. We Journey as Water on the dry ground -- like the Serpent Beings who Flow -- we Walk and think about their Medicines -- their Healing Ways.

It is said that we rose up from a wave that now journeys upon the Paths of the Four Directions and moves forever out into Time and Space. That we roll down into the ravines and gullies --as a flashflood through the many gardens as Water and Spirit. It is said that we are, Healing leaves and shoreless deserts. We stand in Cactus and watch the horizon for clouds and see the Sacred Trees.

Yes, we have reached out to you -- GreatPersons -- as you Danced with us -- when you were Rose Bushes, all the Berry Bushes, the Herbal Family, every Tree and the Dance Tree -- this is where we touched your heart.
We are humanity and we will Dance with you Tomorrow.
And so we lay our Medicine Blankets at your roots (Leaves-Fall-Down - End of a yearly Cycle -- beginning of another) -- and we cry. We sit our children with us in deep contemplation -- like the Snow we are gathered from Clouds. We have seen people rise up and burn the delicate, rape the unsuspecting, kill the innocent and cheat the Spiritual.

Explosive Slings, Arrows, war and brutal feudalistic bondage was thrown against every hope and all human achievement -- yet, your Dancers somehow prevailed.
This was done because we saw the Moon, the Stars, the Sun and Greater WahKahn - SSKwan in your Medicine Leaves. The Dance is not alone in this short time -- but is a Long-Count-Dance that will be Danced when everything has gone by. Fifty Thousand years is this Dance Time -- and we will Dance with you -- Sacred Tree. Yes, this is our Fifth world and we are smiling.

So we look into the Lakes as Mirrors decorating our foreheads and we wonder at the great challenges of Life. Cheemah, Wehomah, Ehahmah and Morelah never ceased in their Circles to teach us of Dancing. When we lay down in sickness -- the breath of the Kettle Songs rose up as clouds, as steam and covered us with Springs Awakening. It was in this Way that Healing was given to us when we needed it.

All that is precious is Blue because the Sacred Sky is a Sphere protecting WahKahns Robe. The night is covering SSKwan and he wakes up the Little People (the Seeds of the Garden) so that they can see the Moon. It is this way with us, Sacred Tree -- we are awakening to everything given to us in the Great Garden. We can see the Principal People there -- the GreatPersons -- you, our Medicine Tree. We will Dance becomming another People -- yes, it has always been this way.

One of the astronomical myths from northern Australia describes how the sun-woman, Wuriupranili, and the moon-man,Japara, travel at different times across the sky. Each carries a torch of flaming bark, but when they reach the western horizon they extinguish the flames and use the smouldering ends to light their way as they return eastwards through the darkness of the underground world.

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