"A prayer to all Sacred Waters"
by Hyemeyohsts Storm

I will begin my prayer to Sacred Waterby telling you, my Earth Family, that I think that there is no more precious Sourceof Life and human continuance than Pure and Precious Water. We must do all that wecan to end the pollution of our Water -- everywhere on Earth.

Most Sacred Waters, Daughters of Dawn, cleanse us in our new day.

Sacred Wells, Holy Water -- Sacred Springs, Holy Rivers -- Sacred Lakes and Holy Baths -- yes we humans remember You and will once again call You precious. At one time all of we humans called You our Healers, our Friends and our Holy places. Our ancients went to You for clear Divination and cleansing of Spirit.

painted by Sweet Grass

Many of our greater teachers were baptized in Your Substance Water. For certain, most Sacred Water -- all we creatures were born in Your Substance - Water. We creatures, small and large, are all born from Your Womb - the Water of Life.

Yes, Sacred Water, some people calling themselves "experts of god", began to isolate themselves from Life and from the reason and sense of Your Holy Substance of Earthly existence. And these arrogant men, with their "righteous vengeance", preached hate for Life. Sadly, it was these same despondent men who taught people to ignore You, Holy Water.

Holy Water -- Your loving touch of cleansing Spirit was forgotten in the frenzied rush to power by these men of olden times.

Many times, most Sacred Spirit of Life, Water --we humans get caught up with our religion and politics calling it "our beliefs". It is heartless to ignore what Creation calls Holy - You, most Sacred Water. It is madness to ignore that "to baptize with Water makes Holy". Yet, this was forgotten during these past two thousand years and it has brought chaos to us all.

Yes, most Holy Water -- belief in paper "authority" and a book "god" confined to print, began to destroy all sense of Love and loyalty to Life. There is no living Water in the dry pages of books. It was not long before everyone began to lose respect for that which is precious, Sacred Water. And now Your Ocean body is dying and everyone Is becoming afraid. We have polluted Your Streams, Your Rain, Your Snow and morning Dew, Your Wells, Your Springs, Your Lakes and even Your subterranean Source -- the very Heart of our Mother Planet.

painted by Sweet Grass

Our Zero Chiefs teach that You, Sacred Water, are the Daughters of Dawn and that You were Born from the Womb of our planet Earth. They say that the molten core of our Mother and Father Earth Creates You, Pure Water, in Her Womb of Beginning -- at the center of our planet. And we have been taught that we were made from Your Source. We humans are mostly Water. We are composed of ninety eight percent of Your Holy Substance.

Yes, Divine Pure Water, like our ancestors before us we will return to You and wash our face in Your cleansing Spirit. We will pray to You and know that You are the Holy Source of Life. We will share our tears of joy and sorrow with You. We will remember that You gave us our tears.

We will rain with You as we cry and we will rain with You as we smile. You are our sanguine miracle and we call You Holy.

We send You our voice in renewal and love and thank You, Holy Water, for Your wondrous care. We will remember, Sacred Water, Your miraculous Presence in the Womb of our Mother Earth. And we will remember that You, Holy Water, are the very substance of Sacred Life and Human beginning -- and yes our very survival.

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