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Welcome to our Forum "Sustainable Cities"
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Energy from the Waves
of the Sea
A project carried out in Israel

A City Managed By Common Sense
Where the mayor has a 92 per cent approval rating
submitted from the Global Ideas Bank by Mary Harper-Bellis

"Human Development Report"
Pollution: a few statistics- UNO Alarm

Electric Engines
for two-wheelers to power even your bike

Pollution in Italian cities

The new ruling on air

The Children's Guide
to Sustainable Cities

A guide published
by the Italian Department
of the Environment

Does Transgenic Maize Cause the Death of the Monarch Butterfly?
The European Union blocks importation


E.U. and FAO project to promote sustainable agriculture in Asia


saviours of the eucalyptus

Aeolian Energy

A free and inexhaustible source

Hydraulic Energy
observed by Humanity
since ancient times

Energy from organic waste

Solar Energy

A dream ever closer to reality

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