How to reach
even by bicycle

by Raffaello Sali

To reach Volterra by car from Florence, take the Firenze-Siena Motorway and exit at Colle Val d'Elsa, then take national highway SS 68 (better known as the "Volterrana") and after 30 kilometres you reach destination.

Bus service to Volterra is also available with the SITA line (tel. 055-483651) which leaves from Florence and makes a stop at Colle Val d'Elsa. For bike-lovers, the first part of the itinerary changes. Instead of the Firenze-Siena Motorway, take the Via Cassia (national highway SS 2) to Poggibonsi, then take the SS 68 and proceed in the direction of Colle Val d'Elsa - Volterra.

This road offers a beautiful landscape especially in Spring but requires a fair amount of training, not only for the distance (about 84 kilometres) but also for the many hills that characterise it. The main difficulties in the Via Cassia tract are two hills: one of 4 km which leads to San Casciano (316 metres high) and the other shorter, but a bit steeper between Bargino and Tavarnelle. Once past these two hills comes a steep downhill tract which after a dip of 116 metres leads to Poggibonsi. The Volterrana is almost constantly uphill, though not very steep, and climbs up to Volterra at an altitude of 531 metres.

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