The remains of a Lombard village
discovered beneath the Tower of Pisa

by Gato Medici

About 165 cm tall, of the apparent age of 35 (at least so it appears from his teeth), he is one of five warriors found buried during excavations for the restoration of the Tower of Pisa in April 1998.

On this same occasion, an Etruscan tomb also came to light in the area around the famous Pisan monument. Unfortunately, due to the humidity of the site, the bones that make up the skeleton were rather fragile which thus forced the archaeologists in charge of its recovery to cover the remains with a consolidating solution to give the bones greater resistance.

The (Leaning) Tower of Pisa

In the area lying between the Tower and the Piazza dei Miracoli, the remains of a Lombard village were also found with a series of tombs in one of which was found a Lombard warrior complete with funeral ornaments and trappings. Excavations were interrupted, however, for fear of compromising the stability of the Tower which has been undergoing work for years.

The finds have generated an enigma for anthropologists: along with the warriors' remains, those of several children were also found. The analyses immediately performed on the little skeletons reserved quite an interesting surprise: the children suffered from thalassemia.

Anthropologists are now questioning whether northern populations, like the Lombards, also suffered from Mediterranean anaemia, a disease till now thought to affect those populations living between the Mediterranean parallels.

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