The Tuscan Landscape in Great Danger
Appeal by C.N.R. (National Research Council)

Nature's generous gifts to Tuscany which have rendered its landscape a form of living art are in great danger of radical change. The countryside which has inspired the great artists to whom Tuscany gave their beginnings and those who have found a source of inspiration in the region is in grave danger.

An image of the Tuscan landscape
(photo FAN)

If serious measures are not taken immediately, the cypress, an ancient dweller in Tuscany, runs the risk of complete extinction. Warning of this emergency comes from Dr. Alberto Panconesi of the National Research Council, (C.N.R.) who is a researcher at the Forestry Pathology Institute in Florence, carrying out work over the last twenty years on cypress canker. Besides suffering from canker, the trees are also being attacked by an aphid. These two dangerous enemies are rapidly killing these age-old trees in Tuscany and the Mediterranean basin.


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