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The Toscan landscape in danger

Appeal by C.N.R.
(National Research Council)

Cypress aphid and Cypress canker
Two deadly enemies of the cypress tree
  A contribution by the Town Council Environment Office of Fiesole (Florence)

Neptune Injured
Ammannati's famous statue
in Piazza della Signoria in Florence
mutilated yet again

The restoration
of de Wit's map

"Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula"
The restored map of the Dutch geographer
has returned to the IGMI in Florence

The experiment carried out in Florence Cathedral with Umberto Eco


Itinerary among the world's faces 200 portraits
by Oliviero Toscani
The gnomon
An ancient astronomical instrument
revived by the astronomers of Arcetri in Florence, Italy

Foucault's pendulum?
Looking for Umberto Eco's books?
Click here

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