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Sandro Pintus

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Silvia Messeri

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Registered at the
Tribunale di Firenze
N° 4623 - 19/9/1996

Special edition

-A birthday to conclude a millenium
-The cupola of the Cathedral The masterpiece of Brunelleschi
-The machines used for the construction of the cupola
-That strange clock by Paolo Uccello
-A tour of the Duomo The reaction of the foreign tourists
-Incredible machines from Brunelleschi to Leonardo, human invention during the Renaissance

-Caravaggio, executioner and victim
-Caravaggio from Malta to Palazzo VecchioInterview with Prof. Guido Clemente, City of Florence Councillor for Culture
-A huge photographic archive An agreement between Alinari, the Italian Touring Club and the Luce Institute
-The Mercedes has chosen Tuscany
-One hundred and seventy Km in the Chianti with the SLK

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